The differences in religion are primarily caused by a great ethnic diversity. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and the Winti-religion are considered to be the most important in Surinam.

Christianity can be divided into two Christian Churches, the Roman-Catholic Church and the Pentecostal Churches. Both communties may consider approximately 40% of the total Creole population as their followers. Furthermore many Native American Indians and Chinese belong to the Christian community. A growing number of Creole are switching to one of the Pentecostal Churches. The Winti-religion, with its African elements, is very important to many Creole, Maroons and Native Americans. With many of them, both religions go together.

The Hindus primarily consider Hinduism their religion. A distinction can be made between the orthodox Sanatan Dharm and the more liberal Arya Samaj. About 15% of Hindus belong to the Islam. This goes for many Javanese as well. The Jews are only a small minority. In general a remarkable phenomenon is the growing number of very small Christian groups and sekts. Specially Creole have recently joined these small communities.